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Legend of Zelda

Classic Link with a sword and his cross shieldClassic Link brandishes his sword as classic Zelda clings to him

Legend of Zelda has been my biggest interest for 15 years now. The (positive!) role it's played in my life is almost ridiculous.

It started when I was five years old or so and played Wind Waker. After that it was Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask on Collector's Edition for the Gamecube, then eventually Four Swords Adventures and Twilight Princess. I've been hopelessly hooked since then. These games, which I played a ton of with my little sister growing up, are especially important to me, and are an immense comfort to me over a decade later.

Zelda also played a large role in my friendships in school. It was easier to bond over something we both really liked! I have really fond memories of a little Zelda "comic club" I was part of in middle school and, in high school, playing through Four Swords with my friends on 3DS at our little lunchroom table.

I like to soak up information about the series as much as possible, and poring over little details and connections (even potential) and conceptualizing future (or even "definitely never happening but god wouldn't it be cool") developments in the series delights me! I already live for what's there, of course -- but I also live for "weird" Zelda, Zelda media that tries something really new while retaining that same spirit.

Favorite Games

Twilight Princess

Wind Waker

Others I Really Like

Breath of the Wild

Cadence of Hyrule

Four Swords Adventures

Hyrule Warriors

Majora's Mask

Ocarina of Time

Skyward Sword

If you're looking to get into the series, I think Ocarina of Time or Wind Waker are the best jumping-off places. Breath of the Wild is also a great chance to jump into the series, though it won't be as standard-Zelda an introduction as OoT or WW. In general, I think the 3D titles are a little more approachable for new players.

Favorite Characters


My extra huge favorite!
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I'm pretty attached to Link! Legend of Zelda has kept me afloat through some really rough stuff, and I consider Link my oldest friend. He means a lot to me. (I actually used to have a long-standing crush on him, too. Now that I'm not a kid like Link, that's not the case of course, but it is funny. If only my mom had kept those funny crayon drawings of me holding hands with Link from 15 years ago.)

Favorite Ships

Malink (Link/Malon)

Midzel (Midna/Zelda)

Skyward Sword Zelink (Link/Zelda)

Cool Sites/Pages

History of Hyrule

History of Hyrule hasn't had any content updates since 2014, but it's an incredible resource for rare Zelda works from the 80s and 90s, some translated.

Radio Hyrule

Online Zelda radio station. It even features bumpers and audio from old commercials as "ads."

Zelda Dungeon

My favorite resource for walkthroughs with an extensive gallery of scans and artwork to dig through.

My Pages

My Outdated Pages


My favorite Zelda blog.


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