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Legend of Zelda Comic Club

In middle school, my Zelda friends and I had what we called the "Legend of Zelda Comic Club," a comic club ("club" used very loosely here) where the three (and then, later, four!) of us tried to draw a Zelda comic every day by lunch. These eventually developed into extensive fan lore -- complete with extra Triforce pieces, relatively fleshed out fan characters, running gags, and assigning each of us a Triforce and its associated character.

It's been about eight years since the club kind of died out and a lot has changed since then, but Legend of Zelda Comic Club and my friendships within it were very important to me. As silly as it might be, I want to remember it. It was a lot of fun.


I don't have access to the comics I have left at the moment -- they're packed up, hopefully safe and in alright condition, at my parents' -- but I'd like to preserve them here whenever I do.


Currently unavailable.


Currently unavailable.